Do U Know ???
   Based on information from Wikipedia, money began to be used since 2500 years ago, around the 5th century BC. But its influence persisted until now and evolved because of the support of technology. Starting from barter is the exchange of goods with goods, then money items such as gold coins, silver, and others up to the money we know today.
     Money is intended as a tool that facilitates transactions, which are widely accepted and recognized as valid payment instruments. Along with the development of the era, in addition to banknotes in the form of sheets and pieces of metal that we usually know as currency, there is also demand deposit in the form of demand deposits, checks and even e-money. E-money or electronic money is a tool of transactions (cards) that can be used for payment of various transactions electronically. Use of e-money does not require authorization such as the use of debit cards or credit cards, resulting in faster transaction processing. Because in e-money stored value or balance that can be refilled by the owner. So from paying tolls, buying books, eating at favorite restaurants, until spending in the minimarket can be paid with e-money, of course if the balance is sufficient.
    Is money going to be a scarce item, because the various transactions can be done electronically without physical involvement of currency again? It could happen. However, is it possible if humans no longer need money? Hmm. I think I need a little frown to imagine when it's time humans are no longer need money. There will certainly be various answers to the question. What is clear, there are still things that can not be bought with money, such as love, good name, relationships, principles, honor, time, health, and so on. Oh yes, one more, he said it's money can not buy happines .... So, you want to add the list?

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